Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Interview with Al Grigg (Palms)

Local Fidelity Thurs July 21 gig poster

The very charming, witty and "literal" Al Grigg (ex-Red Riders, now of Palms) dropped by the FBi studio on Sunday. You can hear my interview with him right over here.

He was also kind enough to play a song live in the studio:

Here are some of the songs he guest-programmed:

My Pal, God
Beginning And The End, Circle Pit
Girls, Royal Headache
Love Goes On, The Go-Betweens

And yes, Live It Up, Mental As Anything was one of the featured tracks.

Check out Palms' first gig this Thursday at FBi Social, presented by Local Fidelity, and also featuring Melodie Nelson and The Desks live. And me causing some low-level musical havoc by my entry-level DJing (non) skills. See you there!