Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Riders acoustic-ish on FBi this Sunday

Photo by Will Reichelt,

One of my favourite favourite things this year has to be the XS-sized gig that Red Riders did for FBi last month. It took place in the Acca Dacca Room at Troy Horse Studios, to a roll call of 30 competition winners (and people who shamelessly snuck in, like me).

It was acoustic-ish ("ish" meaning there was still a bit of amp fuzz to rough up all the strums and percussive patter), and it was awesome to hear the band's songs retranslated this way. My Love Is Stronger Than Your Love, when triple-distilled into the quietest of sounds, actually makes you stop a little.

The epic highlight for me was finally hearing The Siren Sings live – it is my above-all favourite from latest album Drown In Colour and it'd never been performed outside of a studio before. There's something about spark and energy of a track suddenly coming to life that really is magic.

Photo by Will Reichelt,

You can hear this all, finally, on the radio this coming Sunday, 2pm, as part of FBi's Live Feed (hopefully with some of the zingy inter-band banter intact, they are very entertaining guys).

P.S. These pics were taken from Will's blog and I find this comment someone left under the photos hilarious:
Is alex sure his mum didn’t make sweet love to bob dylan?
my god, he’s getting more handsome all the time :)

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Anonymous said...

That divinely gorgeous Alex Grigg-it's not hard to see "the times they are a changing era bob dylan" evocations.Clearly, sweet love was made. Thank-you mrs grigg.xx