Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This Sunday: Best of 2009 Australian music

Decoder Ring

FBi starts getting list-mad this week, with presenters refining their year-end favourites to the point of laser precision. Last-minute re-arranging and on-air still-deciding can be a common thing – it's the curse of people who take music hugely to heart.

My take on Australian music in 2009 is on this Sunday, 7-9pm AEST, and it will include a lot of picks selected by bands (Jonathan Boulet, Seekae, Red Riders to name a few), FBi folk and listeners. If you would like to add your two cents on your favourite local release(s) of this year, it's not too late! Just add your nomination in the comments section, along with your name, suburb, and why this record spun out your world so much, and hopefully I'll be able to play it and read out your answer!

Here are some visual reminders, if your memory needs some pixels to recall 2009, but if you are more of a words person, here are some bits of text to spark up your list.

All photos were taken at gigs this year, by the highly talented Will Reichelt.


No Art

The Middle East

Tame Impala

Sherlock's Daughter

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