Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Kritzlers, Brisbane

Current band rollcall?
-Thomas Bullock
-John Kells (I think/hope)

The Kritzlers has been around since …
The Kritzlers are believed to have evolved in Cenozoic Era rock around the beginning of the 2nd Millennium AD. Or, less pretentiously, 2007.

Let's play Six Degrees of The Kritzlers. What are some interesting musical links you could come up with?
There was a cool shoegazer blog that allowed you to download entire albums but I can't find it
So …

First song ever written?
I never named it. It never graduated from the crusty old two-track reel to reel it was recorded on. Probably for the better.

Music making for you began when …
I stopped trying to copy Tool and started trying to copy The Cure.

Most unusual sound/instrument you've used in your music?
A competent drummer! Come back to Australia, John, you bastard! Others: a melodica, an $80 Bundaberg thrift shop Farfisa organ.

Strangest gig you've ever played?
At one gig I played, the bass player fell through the floor twice. Then people were waving through the floor at us.

Do you pin up images when recording to help inspire your songs? (Or put up other things in the studio for the same effect?)
No, but it's a good idea. Always wanted to put up a seizure-inducing bright red light to shine straight into the eyes of the person tracking to see where that would take things … but umm, haven't as yet been able coordinate that one.

Unlikeliest thing to influence your music?
The feelings/atmosphere created by:
-Ralph Bakshi Films
-Totalitarian propaganda
-Working shit jobs for horrible companies
-World Travel

Most unconventional topic you've covered in your lyrics?
Nothing unconventional with us. Conformity is an obsession with me. Love, lust, drugs, new technology – whatever can be marketed to hedonistic young Y-genners.

Do you think the country/city/town you live in affects your music in any way?
Oh yes! Coming from a cultural sewer like Queensland motivates one to creative extremes.

You would love to record with …
People that can actually play - Like those dudes that played on the old Motown records (if they're still alive). Chris Isaak's guitarist. Fleetwood Mac's riddum section. The Peruvian flute band that used to play round Brisbane 10 years ago.

Favourite person you have performed with/recorded with …
Hasn't happened yet :(

Outside of The Kritzlers, you spend your time …
Making outrageous claims. Drinking. Reading. Thinking up new violent revenge fantasies.

Next for you is …
Finishing an album. Getting away from Queensland.

If record stores had to come up with a new genre name to file your music under, it would be called … (feel free to come up with the craziest-sounding-yet-most-accurate name)

Despite the wiseguy responses, The Kritzlers make astoundingly dreamy music. Scarlet Sometimes was one of my favourite tracks of last year and I'm excited about 2010's promise of an album. Keep up with The Kritzlers at

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